Why We Believe Strange Stuff

September 29th, 2010

Brilliant mind that probably saved humanity

People believe all sorts of stuff.  I talked to some guy on Facebook who believes that Obama is an alien.  Got this other guy who told me that no one really died on 9/11, but it was one big hoax.  The problem with these guys is that you can’t really argue with them.   And that goes for most people with strange beliefs.

I found a video by Michael Shermer that I thought shed light into why that guy keeps telling me that Obama is an alien or why that other guy insists that 9/11 was one big hoax.  It seems that we are hard-wired to believe stuff.  And actually, that pattern-seeking mentality of the coolest conspiracy theorists around is what kept most of us alive during our evolution.

That’s right.  It seems that the 9/11 hoax guy is the product of survival and dudes like him are never going away–which is a good thing.  What would I blog about then?

Enjoy the video, especially the “sandals” at around the eleven-minute mark.


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