Tony Robbins Breakthrough Fails to Break Through

August 6th, 2010

Dude, they cancelled my show!

It is with a heavy heart that DSP must report that Tony Robbins’ new show “Breakthrough” was cancelled. Readers of this blog know what big fans we are of Mr. Robbins.

We have praised his cosmetic dentistry on more than one occasion.

We at DSP were looking forward to actually reviewing the show, but we couldn’t muster up the energy to watch Tony Robbins for an hour.

So, an opportunity was wasted.

DSP can offer no explanation for this cancellation.  Do you think  people are looking for something real to help them in this rough economic time and are tired to listening to someone try to pump sunshine up their asses?

Or maybe people want something more substantive than meaningless motivational slogans?

Or were the breakthroughs staged like his infomercials?

We don’t know.  We’re just asking questions.

But we wish the best for Tony.

At least, we’ll always have his infomercials.


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