Give me $25,000 and I’ll Tell You How to Overcome All Your Problems

June 29th, 2010

Finally, you can learn the secret to overcoming ALL THE PROBLMS in your life.

That’s right.  You heard me correctly. All the problems in your life will go away when you learn this powerful secret—a secret so powerful it has been hidden in a cave in the Himalayas for the last 3,000 years.

Accidently Discovered by a Sherpa in a Snowstorm

A Sherpa accidently discovered this secret while lost in a snow storm.  Nearly at death’s door, he sought refuge in a cave and discovered a scroll that contained the Secret to Everything ™.

During my 6 climbs of Everest, this Sherpa and I became friends and when he showed me the scroll upon which the secret was kept, I wept..for it was so simple and so powerful.

Upon learning the Secret to Everything ™ I knew that I was honor-bound to spread the word and teach others this secret.

And that’s why I’m here.

Now you too will make all your problems go away with the Secret to Everything ™.

The Secret to Everything ™ is so incredibly simple.  There are only 5 steps to it:

  1. Indentify your problems
  2. Write out each problem one by one
  3. Say each problem as you write them down
  4. Put the list on the wall

Now is the last and most crucial part of the Secret to Everything ™. Without this last step, the rest of the Secret to Everything ™ is useless.  I cannot stress enough how important the 5th step is in overcoming every problem you have in life.

  • No more fear
  • Unlimited power
  • Success
  • Wealth

It’s all yours with the last step!

And I really want to tell you the last step, but I just don’t have enough room in this blog post.  I mean I could give you a watered-down version of the absolutely necessary 5th step in the Secret to Everything ™.

But that would not do justice to the Secret to Everything ™. In fact, just telling you summary of the last step could cause you irreparable harm.

That’s right! If you do the last step wrong IN ANY WAY, it could cause you serious health problems. And I don’t want to held responsible for that.  I couldn’t live with the guilt of knowing that I harmed you instead of helped you.

Because all I want to do is help you.  Worldly things don’t interest me. Cars. Houses. Fat bank account.  All meaningless.

I do what I do out of purity of heart.  So, as you can see, it is completely out of character for me to want to harm you.

That’s why I cannot, in good conscious, tell you this last step in such a limited forum as a blog.

So, I have decided to hold a seminar called “The Secret to Everything ™: How to overcome All Your Problems in 5 Seconds”.

At this seminar, you will learn the critical 5th step.  And you will learn it in a safe environment with all the love and support of fellow travelers who are there to overcome their problems as well.

Tears are welling up in my eyes as I imagine the scene: your problems are melting away, as you discover how to live without fear…as the pain dissolves from inside you, it is replaced by the pure light of love.

Oh how wonderful it will be.

I can’t wait.

All I ask you to bring to this seminar is your desire to end all your problems and a small donation of $25,000.

Oh, I don’t need the money..but I see it more as your commitment to overcoming your problems (a key component to the crucial 5th step).

If you don’t want to overcome your fears, then please don’t come to the seminar…but if you are serious about being happy and content, then bring yourself (and a check for $25,000) to the seminar.

Please hurry. I may not do another one of these.

In fact, I might change my mind right now. I could go both ways.

The choice is yours.

** A special thanks goes out to DSP reader Piet who reminded me of this “I won’t tell you the last step unless you come to a seminar” tactic by Tony Robbins.  Though, it must be noted that Tony is  not the only one to pull this crap. I just hope that all DSP readers will recognize this BS when some guru pulls it on you.


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