The D-Bag Artistry of LeBron James

July 12th, 2010

LeBron, you are NOT the father!

Imagine this:

You’ve just asked the woman of your dreams to marry you.  She demurs and says she has to think about it.

A few days later she calls you.  She says, “Drive down the highway and look for the giant billboard.  There is my answer.”

With a anticipation you drive down the highway and then you see it.

It says…


My advice to the young LeBron James is this:

I have no problem with playing basketball wherever you want.  You’re a free agent ,and you have a right to play wherever you feel like.

But if you’re going to humiliate someone (a city in this case), do it quietly.  You don’t go on national TV and laugh in their faces.

I don’t know who convinced you to go to TV to tell the whole world you’re leaving your hometown for greener pastures.

You did the same thing as the billboard girl.

Yeah, it can be pretty funny if it’s not happening to you.

But you’ll never ingratiate yourself to others by being a douchebag.  And this was a top D-bag move.

Good luck in Miami.


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