Verbal Power: Figuratively and Literally

January 6th, 2010

One way we get ourselves into deep poop is to say the wrong thing to the wrong person.  But what if it’s not intentional?

I’m a big believer in the power of words.  As a writer, I have told anyone who would listen that writing clearly affects the way people think about you.  The same goes for speaking.

The right words at the right time make all the difference.

So, on a practical note, I will form time to time introduce words that I think will increase your chances of getting ahead.

Today, I wanted to go into the difference between literally and figuratively.

Literally means something is physically true. (He literally ate 5 hamburgers=He ate five hamburgers).

Figuratively means symbolically or metaphorically true. (Her hair figuratively turned white with fear.)

These words are close to my heart because in this blog I most certainly talk about poop figuratively and not literally.

I’ve seen many people use “literally” as a way to intensify what they’re saying.  Others may not notice.

But use them incorrectly at the wrong time, and you end up like this guy in the movie 500 Days of Summer.


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