3 Stupid Conspiracy Theories About the U.S. Military

November 13th, 2010

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and Don’t Step in the Poop honors the troops by looking at a few conspiracy theories that have been spread about the military.

Some is historical crap.  Some is current crap. But all are relevant.

1. The US used chemical weapons in the Korean War

It may be called the “forgotten war” but it did happen.  And one persistent charge by the North Koreans was that the US used chemical weapons on North Koreans.  The Soviet Union and China backed up the claims of their ally and demanded compensation.  Was it true?

Well, historians used to say that the charges couldn’t be proven.

But they certainly were proven–proven that the North Koreans made it up.


Because that’s what the Soviets figured out.

Oh, those pesky KGB files….seems the Russkies found out their North Korean “comrades” were making stuff up.  It was great wartime propaganda!

Of course, knowing it was propaganda didn’t stop the Russians from demanding compensation for these “chemical weapons attacks” up until the time the Soviet Union broke up. And North Korea still demands compensation.

2. The army is full of Commies

Now, I know there are some circles of people who are trying to “revise” the image of Joseph McCarthy for his anti-Commie zeal.  These people think he is some sort of hero.

But he was an idiot.  And what kind of idiot calls our army a bunch of Commies who are un-American?

It’s timely with all the talk of “socialism” and calling people with a different political leaning as “un-American.”  You’d think McCarthy;s utter humiliation would have stopped it…but radio entertainers just took his place.

3. The US Military caused the 2004 tsunami

A popular story in the Arab media that claimed the US military and the Indian military caused the tsunamis.  Lots of reasons were given:

  • experimental weapons test
  • oil and gas interests

Whatever the reason–all bullshit!

On a final note, some hate mailers might want to comment about how one of the above theories is “really true” and that I don’t “have all the facts.”  But let it be known–I do have the facts–ALL the facts.  And if you want to ignore those pesky facts because they don’t fit with some preconceived idea you have, then the only answer you’ll get from me is–“you’re an idiot”.


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