Stealth Jihad Leader Captured!

October 28th, 2010
Stung by criticism from anonymous commenters for not doing anything to help others,  the DSP editor decided to do his small part and  rid the world of evil.   So, yesterday DSP operatives were deployed in a secret operation to capture the leader of the  “stealth jihad” in an effort to prevent the replacement of “Western civilization with a radical imposition of Sharia.”

The Stealth Jihad’s leader Ken Hassan, labled Mullah Waheed Omar Tabliani bin Hussein by DSP, was found hiding in his Brooklyn apartment in front of his command center.  At the scene, DSP operatives confiscated his MacBook Pro, iPhone 4, iPad, and other high-end gadgets used to engage in activities related to the Stealth Jihad.

The capture was stunning considering that, as of two weeks ago, no one knew who the leader of the Stealth Jihad was.

“What tipped us off was how suspicious he was acting.  First, we observed him going into a mosque which has caused a lot of problems for the area pork restaurants.   And then he sent his kids off to a madrassa called P.S. 696, which is awful close to 666.  When we saw that, we knew we had our man.

Bin Hussein, of course, denies everything.

“I was just picking up my kids from school and these guys grabbed me and then came to my house and took my stuff,” says bin Hussein.

But DSP agents were quick to respond to the allegations.

“Yeah.  You really think the leader of the Stealth Jihad is going to actually admit it?  It’s not called a ‘Stealth’ Jihad for nothing!”

Photo of shady-looking guy courtesy of kevincure.


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