How Playing Craps Will Make You a Better Person

September 19th, 2010

I want to be a better person.  Really, I do.  Don’t we all?  But my problem, and probably everyone else’s problem is that there are just too many damn ways to be better.  I could do things to be kinder.  I could do things to help the environment.  I could do things to get healthier.

And if you read self-help books, the choices grow exponentially.  Aren’t there like a million self-help books just on getting healthier?

You end up with analysis paralysis.

Should I visualize today?
Should I do something to lose weight today?

There are just so many ways to improve yourself on a daily basis.
What should I do?

Should I read another self-help book to figure it out?

Well, now I don’t have to.  I just read a really cool article about a new dice game that let’s you roll your way into becoming a better person.

It consists of 3 dice.

One for wellness.

One for kindness:
One for eco:

Just roll the dice and voila…actions you can take today to be a better person.

I actually think this is a cool idea.  It eliminates all the choices and gives you actions you can take RIGHT NOW to be better.  And I think this is important because for people who have a low opinion of themselves, taking positive actions (no, thinking about stuff is not an action) WILL change their feelings  about themselves.

With these dice, the actions are spelled out for you.  Let “fate” decide if you will. Now, the guys at hope that this game will end Deepak Chopra’s career (we at DSP have no opinion of Deepak Chopra).  But I think this has some potential to help people take positive action in their life.  And action is what counts..always.

Unfortunately, the game is no available…yet.

But heck, couldn’t you make your own version until it is?

Think about it…

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