Why Getting Rich Quick Sucks

December 2nd, 2010
Getting rich quick is the (perverted) American Dream.  In fact, you should always be striving to get rich quick or to changing your mindset so that the wealth wave aligns with your energy and brings money into your account.

At least, that’s what they say.

But they leave one part out…getting rich quick sucks.

Here’s why:

1. The hands come out and never go back in

So, now that you’ve gotten rich quick, all your friends and family will be there to show their happiness and support for you.

Yeah, right.

Out come the hands.

Suddenly, you’ll find that your friends and family are working hard to make you poor quick.

Is it because they are “jealous” of you?  Or want to bring you down?


They just want some money.  Don’t they deserve it for all the times they helped you?  Maybe they do because you were suck a leech before you became rich. Who knows?  I don’t really know you that well.

Think of your friends and family now as your entourage.   You’re LeBron James and your whole family is your entourage…except they won’t say “yes” to everything you want.

2. You can’t trust anyone anymore

With the hands all out, it’s hard to find people you can trust.  So, who can you turn to?

Probably you’ll look for someone with experience.  So, you look to a get-rich-quick guru figuring (incorrectly) that he must have the same experience as you…getting rich quick (because we all know that they wouldn’t be teaching you how to get rich quick if they haven’t done it already, right?).

So, what will he advise you?

A get rich quick guru will tell you to cut off those hangers-on , PRONTO!

Good advice–to a point.  Because then the get-rich-quick guru will stick HIS hand out and ask you to use your hard-won money to buy into some new scheme he’s concocted on the fly.

You know the world’s about to end when even the get-rich-quick guru’s hand comes out.

It’s hard.  It sucks, but the suckier part is…

3. Your days of getting sympathy for ANYTHING are over

“I wish I had your problems.”

You’ll hear that so often, you’ll quote it.  Now, that you’re suddenly rich everyone will think that your problems are over.

Complain about something and they’ll tell you that “with your money, why are you complaining.”

Oh yeah, we all know that money doesn’t solve all your problems.  We also know that having more money doesn’t lead to being happier.

But don’t expect anyone to remember that when they start berating you for complaining when “you’ve got all that money.”

Your dog dies….”Well, you have the money to buy another one.”

You get into a car accident..”Well, at least you have money to pay for your 10 operations and 3 years of physical therapy”

Your wife or husband leaves you…”well, with all that money, you can easily find someone.”

If that wife or husband takes your money, THEN sympathy returns,  It’s that simple.

4. You’ll buy a whole bunch of crap that you don’t even want because you’ll think that buying a bunch of crap is what rich people do

Unless you’re getting your information from late-night infomercials, you know that rich people don’t sit around all day buying a bunch of crap.  But it won’t stop you from buying crap anyway.  And the cool part is that if you buy enough crap, you might just get poor fast too..that is, unless the empty hands of your close family and new best friends don’t do it first.

5. Someone you loved just died

Let’s get real for a sec.  Most people who get rich quick do it when their rich parent dies.  Money is great, but I’d rather have my living and breathing mother with me than her money.

Losing a parent can really suck…but don’t forget…since you just got rich quick, you won’t get a lot of sympathy because everyone probably thinks you wanted your parent to die just to get the money.

It’s sad, really.


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