Man With Millionaire Mindset Still Poor

October 6th, 2010

A millionaire in his own mind

Local man, F. Drake McEvers, is reportedly still poor despite having a millionaire mindset.  After spending tens of thousands of dollars of his own money on a variety of millionaire mindset courses, McEvers is still far from being a millionaire.

“It’s been tough,” says McEvers.  “I thought that after maxing out my credit card on this last Millionaire Mindset Super-course  that it would happen, but nothing’s happened yet.”

On paper, McEvers has all the tools to be a millionaire.

He creates his life, life doesn’t happen to him.
He’s committed to being rich–not just becoming rich.
He focuses on opportunities not obstacles.
He practically worships rich people without any shred of resentment
He wants to get paid on results and not trade time for money.

And that’s just the tip of McEvers’ millionaire mindset iceberg.

In fact, McEvers has 37 certifications from different courses and seminars that declare him to have the millionaire mindset and 27 of those certify McEvers as a platinum member of the millionaire’s club.

Yet, his bank account shows him to be in massive credit card debt, and he has recently had to move back home with his non-millionaire parents who McEvers has been disparaging over the last 10 years for their  “scarcity mindsets” whenever he starts new online businesses.

Over the years, McEvers’ millionaire mindset has led him to go into many money-making businesses that for some reason just don’t seem to pan out.

“I had this envelope-stuffing business because I like getting paid for results–not trade time for money.  But that didn’t work.  And then my abundance mindset of focusing on opportunities and not obstacles has guided me to a bunch of businesses in boxes. But there must have been something wrong with the box the business came in. Because they didn’t work either”

Yet, despite still being poor and in debt and living with his parents who refuse to think like millionaires, McEvers remains unfazed.

“I just got an e-mail for a billionaire’s mindset course.  I’m thinking to just skip millionaire altogether.  Then again, since I’ve got a millionaire mindset,  I could just teach others how to develop one too.”

Photo by kianchangvong


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