Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Doctors

October 4th, 2010

She sings a song called Doctor, Doctor..so, it's all good.

A reader sent me a video this morning that made me laugh. It was of some doctor who was talking about how mediation puts your mind on the same alpha waves as the Shumann resonances.

The doctor’s name was in the title of the video: Dr. Greg Olson.

So, this guy must be some scientist linking meditation to Schumann resonances, right?

Nope. The video goes on to show that he has a PhD in education and teaches music.


Regardless of whether I agree with the doctor or not, it is not the first time I’ve seen “doctors” (real or imagined) used to sell dubious claims. But it IS the first time I’ve seen someone actually asks a doctor in question what his field is.  For that, I will give the video-maker a pass.

But, you see, dear readers..not all “doctors” are created equally.

But there are a lot of ways to use a doctor title to sell crap.  The problem is we’re trained to give respect to the title of doctor.  And for good reason! People with medical degrees  can save your life.

Now, most “doctors” are not MDs.  They may have a PhD.  But we still respect them. But all too often this respect is used by charlatans to sell you and I a bunch of crap.

How, you ask?  Let’s count the ways:

1. The dude calls himself a doctor but doesn’t have a degree.

This is the easiest way to be a fake doctor. But when pressed, these people will say they are “doctors” of life or some crap like that. In that case, I’m a doctor of BS detection (sign up for my BS detection course by Dr. Dontstep Inze Poop–only $99!). Heck, I’m board-certified by the Institute of BS Detection of which I am the board.

2. The “doctor” has a degree from one of those online “universities” that’ll give you a degree for listening to a bunch of audios.

There are a ton of guys who do this.  And I suspect there are a lot of them. I unearthed one suspect.  There’s some guy out there called “Dr”. Joe Vitale. I don’t know much aobut him other than he was in The Secret, but when the crack staff at DSP tried to find out what his degree was in, one web site said, “Dr. Joe Vitale is a PhD in Metaphysical Science”.  Huh? Not aware that metaphysical science was something you can get a PhD in. The DSP staff researched all through the night and found you COULD get a PhD in metaphysical science from some online “universities” whose only requirement is that you pay them money.  Kent, one of my fake interns, found that Vitale also got a doctorate in marketing from Belford “Univeristy” that offers you a PhD in 7 days for only $549!!! If “Dr.” Vitale would like to respond to DSP and clear this all up, we’d be happy to have him.

3. The doctor DOES have a PhD, but not in what they’re talking about.

Dr. Olson in the video is a good example of this.  If he’s talking abot music, then no problem. But he’s talking about brain waves and physics.

But my favorite example is Dr Laura “N-Bomb” Schlessinger.  She does have a PhD– in physiology.  Nothing to do with mental health.  But hey, she’s a “doctor” right?

I’ve seen this a lot in quacky videos.  Get some PhD in philosophy or something, put him (or her) in a lab coat and watch them endorse something totally wacky .    But a “doctor” said it works!  Why don’t you trust me when I say that drinking bat droppings will cure arthritis?

4. The doctor has a degree in the right field…but gives bad advice

Yeah, we’re looking at you, Dr. Phil.  Dr. Phil has a Ph.D. in psychology.He’s totally legit.  But as a mental health professional, he should know that his simplistic solutions are not the answer to people’s problems.

“Feeling bad about your body and have aneorexia?  Well, buck up kid!  You can’t live your life not eating like that!  Now, on to commercial.”

Readers: I’d love to hear about any other fake doctors out there.  Let me know in the comment section, and I’ll update this post.  I might even have to invent new categories if necessary.

Now, watch the video that inspired this article.


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