Lighten Up! If You Can’t Beat It, Laugh at It

March 2nd, 2010

I find most things funny.  In fact, with few exceptions, most subjects are ripe for humor

You see, in many ways life is one big joke. And a sense of humor can save you from all sorts of things…heck, it can empower you beyond belief!

You Take Yourself Too Seriously (You’re Doing it now)

In the past, I have taken myself WAY TOO seriously. I used be become paralyzed after I made mistakes. I would berate myself for doing such a stupid thing.

I learned one sad truth in life:

No one really cares as much about you as you care about yourself.

In other words, you’re not really as special as you think you are.

Sure your family cares about you and all (well..I hope they do).  But too many times we let the opinions of people who don’t even care about you dictate how you feel about yourself.

It’s like a friend of mine who complained to me about having to do some “cold calling” for his job.  He whined and complained about how people will think he’s stupid.  Or how he will look desperate.  He told me that he hated cold calling because of how it made him feel.

Then, one day after spending months calling the same company, someone said they’d be interested in his product.

When he mentioned that he’d called them 4 (or was it 6) times already, they said they didn’t remember.  So, here he was all upset about cold calling because he thought others would think he’s stupid when in fact, they didn’t even remember him.

He laughs about it now…that’s because it is funny.

The truth is the imagined consequences are ALWAYS worse than the actual ones.

I’m Hilarious and So Are You

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s easy to say “laugh at yourself.”  But it’s not that funny when it happens to you.  Oh yeah?

When learning Korean I:

  • Thought I was asking a girl to go with me but instead asked her to sleep with me (one syllable makes a WORLD of difference)
  • Thought I was asking the cashier at the Korean KFC for white meat, but instead asked her to show me her breasts (a wrong word added at the end made all the difference).

These are not suppressed sexual/Freudian slips here.  Just a missed syllable or two.  And thsoe just a couple of the mistakes I know about.  Some of my “friends” let me get away with some pretty bad Korean for a while.

They were probably laughing away.

And, well, if it had been someone else I would have laughed at their embarrassment. But guess what?  I did eventually learn to speak Korean.  And those little embarrassments now make for great storytelling,

Life is a Big Joke and the Joke’s on You

Sometimes you’ve gotta lighten up.  The world really is a funny place, and the lead role in this comedy is YOU.

If you’re crazy brave, post one of your funny moments in the comment section.

Can’t think of anything to laugh at?  Here are some things that will be quickly be fodder for your laugh riot:

  • Your stuff. Look around.  I bet you’ve got things that are so useless that you don’t even know why you have it anymore.  But you just can’t bring yourself to throw away that cute old paper sack you had in college.
  • How cool you or your boyfriend looked in a mullet/goatee/or something really dumb
  • How you thought you really screwed something up and then realized no one even noticed or cared
  • Your job
  • Your boss
  • Your business
  • The fact that you read a blog called Don’t Step in the Poop

If you need something to get you going, browse through my humor/satire section.   Have fun.


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