Law of Attraction Coach Banned from Playing the Lotto

June 27th, 2010

Banned from the Lottery

Lottery officials announced today that former Law of Attraction coach Sham Scammerschmidt has been banned from playing the Lottery.

Scammerschmidt recently defied the odds yet again by winning his 10th lottery in a row, racking up $575 million in cash.

But now Lottery officials are striking back.

“His streak threatens the very integrity of the Lottery and we will do everything to protect it,” Lottery officals announced.

” Though we have no evidence that Mr. Scammerschmidt had engaged in anything illegal, we feel other people deserve  a chance to win and that using the Law of Attraction has given Mr. Scammerschmidt an unfair advantage over other lottery players.”

This is just the latest bad news for Scammerschmidt who made  headlines earlier after being banned from every major casino in the U.S. after a streak of 100 wins at the roulette table at the MGM Grand Casino in Vegas.

Pit boss, Mike Mikos explained that using the Law of Attraction to win is now considered illegal and won’t be tolerated at any Vegas casino.

“We think using the Law of Attraction to win is just like counting cards.  We have the right to protect our business. “

Scammerschmidt was best known as a Law of Attraction coach who helped clients use the Law of Attraction to get what they wanted in life.  But Scammerschmidt says he gave up that job once he figured out how it really works.

“Like hell I’m going to teach people how to use the Law of Attraction to make money.  Why would I do that ? If you knew how to get millions of dollar with the power of your thoughts, would you tell others how to do it? That’s madness! Ridiculous!”

Despite this setback, Scammerschmidt is remaining positive.  He recently announced his engagement to Angelina Jolie who, for unknown reasons, recently separated from Brad Pitt and stated her desire to marry Scammerschmidt.

When asked about it, Scammerschmidt only replied, “Law of Attraction, baby.  Law of Attraction!”


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