How to Pick Up Women

October 8th, 2010

I listened to a couple of audio files over the weekend as well as half an episode of “The Pick up Artist” and I feel this more than qualifies me to be a Master Pick Up Artist (MPUA) pronouned “mmmm-pooooo-aaaaahhhhhh”.   So, now that I have mastered the art of the pickup, I have decided to teach all you guys out there how to pick up women. In fact, I know of 4 simple ways to pick up women that you can do TODAY with little training in the field.

For you ladies too, read this because you can learn something about how easy it is for ANY guy to pick you up.

Method #1: The Old-fashioned Pickup

The Old-fashioned pickup

The “OP” is probably the easiest.  It used to be called “sweeping a woman off her feet” back in the day.  But even a moderately strong PUA can do it.

How to execute an OP:

1. Approach a woman

2. Ask her if her shoes are untied.

3. When she looks down, drape arm behind her and “sweep” her up.

Method #2 The Bearhug (dangerous to PUAs with bad backs)

Replace man with woman and voila--a bearhug pickup

This one works like a charm.  It requires a little kino but the payoff is soooo worth it.

How to execute:

Talk to a girl.

Escalate kino by asking her to hug you, playfully of course.

Then when you hug her, PICK HER UP!

Method #3The Forklift

You’ll need a wingman to pull this one off.  It requires two people to work in perfect harmoney for this pickup to work.

Consider her picked up!

How to execute:

1. The wingman brings a camera

2. He spots an attractive woman.

3. He asks her to stand still while he takes a picture with his camera

4. The second man comes up from behind with a forklift and PICKS HER UP.

Its fool-proof!

Method #4 The Crane Technique (If do right, she no can defend)

The last surefire foolproof way to pick up a woman requires some skill, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to pick up ANY girl ANYWHERE at ANY time.

About to be picked up and doesn't even know it

How to execute:

1. Buy some binoculors

2. Go up into a crane

3. Use binolculars to find an attractive woman

4. Slowly lower the crane’s hook

5. When you get close, enough, close the hook.

6. Then, PICK HER UP!

That’s all fellas.  4 surefire, fool-proof methods to pick up women.  And once you master these without hurting your back, then you too can become a MPUA! Happy lifting, guys!


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