How to Get Rich Selling Natural Cures

April 16th, 2010

Dear Sociopath friend,

You’re going to be rich!  Those words shock you?  How many people have told you that?  Well, I’m just going to say it again, so you’ll snap out of it:

You’re going to be rich.

And I’m gonna tell you how.  Because it’s so darn simple you’ll think, “why didn’t I think of that! “

Here is it: SELL “natural” cures!

I know what you’re thinking.  Hey, I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist.  I can’t cure any disease.

But don’t worry.  You don’t need any experience or training.   And as long as you have no conscience, you’ll become SUPER wealthy.

Why Selling Natural Cures Will Make You Super DUPER Wealthy

The first reason is simple.  Pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma) and the medical industry (the Medical Industrial Complex) have an agenda.  And that agenda is to stop people from dying!  They want to keep people alive, just so they can keep selling more and more of their products.  That’s right.  Keeping people alive makes them a boatload of CASH.

Personally, I think YOU deserve some of that money.  Why should Big Pharma and the MIC get all the money?  Isn’t all they’re doing just promising to cure people and people believe them?  Well, you can do that too.

And here’s the best part: It’s simple to get into the health biz.

They Don’t Want You to Know the Truth

Because a lot of people don’t trust Big Pharma or the MIC.  They think that medical science is a big conspiracy to keep you sick or something. Even more, they think that the “medicine” to manage symptoms is a conspiracy because we all know Big Pharma is hiding the cure.

Yipee!!!!!   Because that’s where our money train takes off.

You will make a fortune selling “natural” cures.  And what cures are those?  Hell if I know.

You see, Big Pharma and the MIC do dumb things like research, mention side effects, and explain risks and crap like that.  You don’t need to do that.  Why? Because natural cures are (sort-of) not regulated.  Unless someone dies from it or a lot of people get sick, you’re home free.

Let Me Take You Step by Step into the Natural Cures Biz

Step 1: Find something “natural” like ginkgo or something.  You’ll probably have to get it made into a vitamin, I mean, natural cure somewhere. Or grab some vitamins off the shelf of your local Wal-Mart.

Step 2: Put the vitamin into a new bottle and give a really cool natural yet pharmaceutical-sounding name.  Ginkoprin.  Ginkapor. Acetpginkapin. You get the idea.

Step 3: Mark the price up 1000%.

Step 4: Say it cures EVERYTHING!!!!  Make stuff up.  Get creative.  Stretch yourself a little.  Find some diseases people are really afraid of like arthritis (my fav), Alzheimer’s, and of course the old staple cancer.  Memory problem?  Try my new Ginkoprin to boost memory.  Cancer? Try my new Ginkapor to build up your immune system to fight it. Remember, you can’t use the word natural enough.

Step 5: Prove it works by making up scientific studies.  Make up doctors too.  Just make it all up.  Use your imagination. And never ever fail to mention the Chinese or oriental medicine…that way you can say your BS is not something you just made up but is something that’s been done for 5,000 years. NO ONE can verify anything.  Like who reads Chinese anyway?

IMPORTANT: don’t mention it cures everything in the same ad.  One ad per disease.  I recommend giving your natural cure a different name for every disease you claim it cures.

And don’t BE A WIMP about it.  You HAVE TO say it CURES the disease.  If it’s not a natural “cure”, then they might as well run to Big Pharma to relive their symptoms.  And we don’t want that.

What About When They Catch You?

OK.  So, you’ve lied.  So, some people followed your advice instead of seeking medical treatment.  Probably no one died from it or anything.   And if they did die, it’s their own fault.  They were dumb enough to follow your advice.  Right?

But the FTC (in the pockets of Big Pharma) came down and said that you’re making false claims.  Bastards.  They’ll probably fine you and take away your cool stuff.  But since you know you’ll get caught, you’ll be sure to sock some money away.

What now?  Easy. Start selling books that put into book form the same crap you wrote before to sell your “natural” products.

First Amendment, baby!  Foolproof.

The best part? You can say that you did not lie but were the victim of a grand conspiracy by Big Pharma, the MIC, and the FTC (in the pockets of both Big Pharma and the MIC). And if you plea bargained, you can always tell people that you you had your fingers crossed when you said that you lied.

Who wins? You do…yep, you do.

How do I Start Making a Skyscraper of CASH Selling Natural Cures?

Are you ready to start convincing people to stop seeking medical treatment that works so you can make money?

I will teach you a step by step, foolproof way to sell crappy supplements to gullible idiots (I mean, customers).  They’ll be taking in your caplets while you take in their cash!

My course is only $10,000!  But that’s a drop in the bucket compared to how much you’ll make with my “Natural Way to Wealth”.  And if you act TODAY, you can get my bonus course “Supplement Your Income Selling Lame-ass Supplements” (a $5,999 value).

But don’t hesitate.  There are people literally beating down my door trying to get in on this opportunity. Heck, they JUST broke in.  They have badges and stuff. Hold on, I’m writing something…

Better act now…who knows how long I’ll be free to sell this once-in-a-lifetime course. Hey, I can’t type with one hand behind my back….Let me go. FREEFREEFREE…


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