Are Hate Mailers Really Just Secret Admirers?

November 24th, 2010
Recently, I’ve gotten a ton of supportive mail, which is odd for me since I am used to getting mostly hate mail or negative comments.  Though I’m used to negative comments on my blog, getting some support is always nice.

But it’s not always the case.

One guy recently left some spic comments. And though he claimed not to be a hate mailer but simply wanted to “challenge” me, the fact that the commenter thinks I have a mental problem leaves no doubt to where his leanings are.

But the mind is an interesting thing because I am now thinking that I might have been wrong to label him.  I think I’ve been wrong about most of my hate mail.  I’m come to the conclusion that my hate mailers are really secret admirers.

Going back through the hate mail, it all becomes clear now.  Let’s look at some:

You are expelling your opinions, you make them sound so convincing to the untrained person or persons with weak character/mind, and they end up believing your babble instead of the scammers.

Yep. that’s the whole point of this blog, no? And I’m glad that someone is finally coming out and saying what I’ve always wanted them to say: I’m such a thoroughly convincing writer that people in a vulnerable state will more likely listen to me than a scammer.  VICTORY!!!

The things is I don’t want people to listen to scammers.  And the worst thing that can happen to someone from reading this blog is that they spit up their food from my hilarity or they think twice before shelling out thousands of dollars learning how to align their vibrations only to be told that they’re doing it wrong when it doesn’t work.

By calling my writing convincing, yet babble, I sense a kernel of adoration.  I figure if my “babble” is this powerful (by the hate mailer’s own admission), there’s no telling what I could do if I decide to get serious!

Here’s more:

You are hammering all the scammers (and thats fine) but at the same time you are painting a very negative and extremely GENERALISED picture of life, but because of your self proclaimed status as a real life Guru (your words), then people may take you seriously (and its usually the weak minded or persons that are extremely down on their luck).

I get this kind of comment all the time.  It basically boils down to the fact that I’m too negative and don’t offer solutions.  The epic comment above (edited for length) also included the often used line of PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

It’s funny though that these secret admirers of mine do tend to harp on the fact that I don’t offer “solutions”.  I didn’t know what they meant at first. But now I know what it means.

They want me to sell something, so they can eagerly buy it!

I knew it!

I now understand why they’re so angry.  They are so convinced by my rapier wit that they are dying to buy something from me.  And here I am not selling a thing–just offering plain old common-sense advice.  What good is that?  Now that I think about it, if I were them I’d be mad too!

So to all my secret admirers I make this promise:  I will work hard to come up with something to sell so that you can eagerly buy it.  It may take me awhile, but I don’t want to disappoint all of you.  Just be patient.

If I can’t come up with anything good, I can always sell some of my personal belongings on eBay, so you can have at least SOMETHING to buy.

Thanks for all your support.


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