Hate Mail

When you go after all the crap in this world, you have to answer to your critics: those who believe in crap.  Also, when you criticize a famous guru, you have to answer to people as well: the guru’s fans.  And they do come to attack yours truly for pointing out the errors of their ways.  So, here for your pleasure, is some of my hate mail.  To all those haters out there, please don’t hesitate to send me hate mail.  I am more than happy to use it for more material.

Comment from some seminary flunkie to my affirmations post:

There Are Religious teaching in the bible on this Proverbs 23:7 As A Man Thinketh in his Heart so is he! ,Which means Change Your Thoughts YOu have to believe your Worthy and you’ll be Worthy! Dont speak on shit you dont know!

My partial response (my full response is in the comment section on the affirmations post:

I would like to recommend that you actually read what you’re quoting rather than googling a random Bible verse…verse 6-7 is telling you not to eat or drink from the table of a stingy man because he is only calculating the cost. But I doubt you read the entire chapter…You didn’t even quote the entire verse. The KJV says, “As A Man Thinketh in his Heart so is he; Eat and Drink he saith to thee but his heart is not with thee.”…I am offended that you come to this blog armed with religion talk and completely and utterly fail to back it up. I am insulted and I apologize to all my readers for your lousy comment. Religion is a serious thing. Please do not trivialize it.

Comment in response to my review of Tony Robbins’ book:

You are a jerk! Why don’t you just admit to being Tony Robbins’ jilted gay lover and be sone with it. Quit your freaking whining. Who is the dumb braod who thinks she has an open mind? Bull! You are just kissing but while trying to sound good on-line. This is some ego show and a half. Puffery, blow-hards, ego-maniacs all of you. Live and let live. To each his own. That is what being open-minded is really about. Not forcing your dumbass opinion on the world. I will let you live so I can live in peace. You stated your jackass opinion and I stated mine. See how it works? Thank you for lowering the bar on intellect.

From some dude who obviously doesn’t appreciate my humor:

Dude…You are a LOSER!

An unintelligible comment on my post on how some  best-selling finance books would be more honest if one word was removed from the title:

We are in the information age,selling information is where thew money is at that is why big brother is getting all your information because it is an asset to them.

From some wannabe stalker:

This is not a message of praise or hate. It’s a question. Who are
you? Why don’t you post your name and some biographical details on
this site? After all, you challenge your readers with phrases like “if
you don’t have the guts…”

Oh, by the way, you write, “Let’s get unconventional.” Just my
opinion, but your content is as conventional as it gets.

In response to my affirmations post:

you must not belive in God if you think the way you do.

In response to my affirmations post:

What are you talking about its science that people need others opinions higher than their own. Who said that? and if they did its way outdated now. The happiest people in the world only need validation and make final decison on how they feel THEMSELVES, not by need other peopls reactions… Where do you get science from.

And ya because Ive asked my mentors about what you said and EVERYONE of them said its full of crap and most likely its egotistical self esteem your talking of not real self esteem.

In response to my affirmations post:

plus I have offered you another way which is real “science”. Meaning to hold your own opinion higher of yourself over what others think. thats real selfesteem and I dare you to find me one successful person who begs to differ. you ovbiously are some computer junkie trying to make people think your way. WHo are you haha. your a nobody with no money and some blog writing some opinion theories. Thats too bad you dont open your mind up and take control of yourlife rather than letting others opinions dictate how you feel.

Comment in response to my review of Tony Robbins’ book:


Tony Robbins is an VERY SMART GUY! In 1990, I was a PAINFULLY shy person who, one night, bought his PERSONAL POWER tape series (GENIUS!) from his 4am informercial, applied his success formula and other techniques via the corresponding exercises that built my skill level in those areas, and that personally helped me to, WITHIN 2 YEARS, marry the woman of my dreams (16 years married this July!), and get promoted TWO LEVELS UP to the job of my dreams! Speak nothing of the endless confidence he has helped me realize in myself and my abilities, or of the endless wisdom I’ve learned from his take on life in the years since then! FYI, his books UNLIMITED POWER and AWAKEN THE GIAN WITHIN (which I have read cover to cover afterwards) are excellent, and have more substance in the lessons that can be learned from them. But I guess you were too busy in your superficial quest to discover the obvious; the books were written years ago. Um…big deal! You want an update? READ HIS NEW BOOKS, THEN!

THAT is how Tony Robbins affected (and affects) my life! No fluff. NO POOP! Just facts.


In the Personal Power (I) tape series, Tony reveals why he improved on NLP, to create the streamlined NLC technology. He said that after he got several people to experience initial success with his application of NLP, they eventually stopped applying it, then blamed him for something he did to him (i.e., PROGRAMMING). He then saw the need to build in the emphasis on the improvement process as something that they would responsibly do to and for themSELVES on a regular basis (i.e., CONDITIONING).

I strongly suggest that you, in the future, for the sake of your own integrity, fully immerse yourself (OPENMINDEDLY of course) in the bredth and depth of a person’s experience (which you can’t fully comprehend with a light review of only one of his or her works, HOWEVER DATED), BEFORE you complain about them, or assert yourself as a true judge of his or her substantive character.

Comment in response to my review of Tony Robbins’ book:

I have told you nothing but the truth, and I dare to continue that tradition now with these facts:

*My name (I’ll permit it’s not rude to say) is Shawn (not Tony).
*Yes, I am a fan (not “fan”) of Tony Robbins.

*My claims ARE valid, despite your WEIRD need to “validate” them with my personal information!
*I do not work, nor have I ever worked, in any capacity, for Tony Robbins, his companies or affiliates.
*I did not attend any seminar of Tony Robbins’.
*Tony is not an alien.
*I am not your buddy.
*Therefore, the rest of your “fluffy” comparison there has no lucid point!

*If I needed to walk, I would feel no shame in needing a crutch to help me.
*If I needed to be successful, I would feel no shame in needing successful people like Tony to help me.

*Tony’s technology is actually not NLC, but NAC (Neuro-Associative Conditioning).
*Itself a patent of superior value, NAC IS TONY’S TRADEMARK! LOOK IT UP!

*1,000,000+ sold copies prove that his copy-like “fluff” has significant value to a great many people!

*You said, “The fact is YOU make things happen.”
*SPRINTERS make things happen.

*Successful people care more about Best-Selling Authors’ ABILITY TO HELP THEM SUCCEED!
*Successful people care less about Best-Selling Authors’ BOOK SALE EARNINGS OR WRITING STYLES!

*Divorce statistics in our country are HIGH, even for businessmen who DIDN’T forsee getting divorced!
*Successful people like Tony are very seldom NOT targets for the most frivolous of lawsuits.
*Mentioning his divorce and lawsuits in the manner you did, IS CLEARLY A PERSONAL ATTACK!
*Mentioning his divorce and lawsuits in the manner you did, THEN SAYING YOU DIDN’T, IS LYING!
*Your complaints only reveal YOUR UNWISELY-DECLARED UNWARFARE on Tony Robbins’ character!

*Tony Robbins’ life example proves, without a doubt, that one can DO GOOD AND DO WELL!
*Those who can, do well!

*You unreasonably trade away judicious scrutiny of clear FACTS, in favor of villifying good-/well-doers.
*In doing so, you dismiss all these facts as “fluff”, because you can’t handle the TRUTH of them!
*By refusing to accept clearly-stated, highly-documented, easily-provable truth, you wax IGNORANT!
*Your cowardly wallowings in the comfort “fluff” of your ignorant delusions rob you of any INTEGRITY.
*Your lack of integrity renders you (and your reviews) UNBELIEVABLE!

Now YOU PROVE anything to the contrary of what I just stated! SPARE US YOUR FLUFF IN DOING SO!

DON’T hate the player!
DON’T hate the game!
DO hate your weak role as one of the former, in the latter!
Then improve it…IF YOU CAN!
WARNING: Make sure you curb your addiction to your self-created “fluff” long enough to do so, now!
DOING GOOD like Tony is quite CONSTRUCTIVE, and should keep your idle mind quite busy for a while.
The trick is, can you somehow, with a bit of luck, manage to be SUCCESSFUL, and DO WELL like Tony?
Well…if one can’t, one can have “fluffy” DREAMS that they can, anyway! LOL!


In response to my affirmations post:

lmao science haha… science doesnt say self esteem is from others opinions over yourself. And plus you beliveing science heads who have no self esteem over real people who do is pretty bad. Your one of those science/ expert junkies now I see. You probably belive that everything the doctors and medical community says is right also over natural products. If thats the case I know.

You ovbviously look at old science if you think others opinions are better than your own about yourself. Hoepfully one day you will find your “science” to prove you wrong. Until then youll be waiting I guess. Some people need to follow other people I guess and ignore reality because some scientists says something. I guess the world would still be considered flat if everyone thought like you.

In resposne to my affirmations post:

also please dont use that on your blog because its incorrect info telling poeple they should base their self esteem on ego based things such as people reations and feeback. Thats for weakminded cowards.

who are you to be wrting that blog anyways… Not one HAPPY succesfull person I know bases their self esteem on other peoples opinions. they do things because THYE enjoy it.

In resposne to my affirmations post:

DO you not know people who get their self esteem from their selves rather than other people? Its so much easier man. That way if you are doing what you like in life and people start telling you its wrong you dont CARE because you like it and you are the only one qualifed telling you what makes you happy. KNow what I mean.

ts cool you started a blog, BUT what are your qualifications to give people advice, have you tried every way possible other than depending on others opinions. Have you tried basing yours as number one? Open mindedness and experiment. everyone is different but for me It muhc more powerful only needing my own approval. ONly little kids and babies base others opinions higher than their own.

What if you playing the drums a certain way made you happy and you enjoyed it. BUT everyone told you it was wrong. Would you stop doing what you enjoy because others dont approve.. I hope not. Even if JOhn bonnham from led zeppelin told me he didnt like my style I wouldnt give to shits because ONLY I KNOW ME and what I enjoy.

After pointing out to the above mailer that John Bonahm is dead and won’t give anyone feedback any time soon:

I was talking about bonham as an example haha I guess everyone gets their self esteem differnt way man… I know some peple who bas eothers opinions higher than themselvesto get it I know some who valuye their OWN opinion most. Whatever works I guess. There isnt one right way.


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