How Your Education is Preventing Me From Getting Rich

March 9th, 2010

You want to be successful?  Well, then it’s simple.  Don’t go to school.  School causes ALL your problems.  Ever wonder why you don’t make all the money you want to make?  It’s that terrible school system with its standardized tests and teachers who judge you.

Judge you?  Who has the right to judge you?

Who has the right to “grade” you?  Some flunky who went to college?

Speaking of college?  DON’T GO TO COLLEGE!

Never mind the fact that a college education is the number one way to ensure a better future.  Never mind the fact that most rich people DEMAND their kids to college.

Not you.  No siree.  You’d be an idiot to subject yourself to the corrupt school system that teaches you those mind-destroying techniques of following rules and listening to authority figures.   I say don’t listen to those people.

Don’t follow the conditioning they set out for you.

Question Authority by Listening to ME

The only education you need is LIFE education.  You can make millions using your street smarts, not book smarts.

You learn money-making skills every day.  You take out the garbage every day?  Well, you can be a garbage collector.  HUGE PROFITS!!!

Don’t listen to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows that people with more education have a higher net worth!  Don’t look at how the unemployment rate is lower with people who have more education.

STOP looking at that graphic.  Don’t scroll up again.  Keep it right here.  Because when I am done, you will have the perfect excuse for your failure.  Your failure is not your fault, it’s the school system’s fault.

Take it From Me…I’m Practically a High School Drop-out Who Makes Money Convincing People That I Can Make Them Rich

OK.  I did go to college.  But I studied philosophy.  I’m practically a high school dropout, right?  Besides I hate even mentioning it, because it doesn’t help me make my case.  So, let’s just drop it, fair enough?

The point is: don’t go to school.  If you’re in school, DROP OUT NOW! All they say is work hard and stuff.  That’s bull!  There is only ONE way to judge education: does it teach you to get rich!  And college won’t teach you squat.  Yeah medical school can teach you to be a doctor, but what does being a doctor have to do with making money?

Trust me, they don’t want you to get rich.

But I want to be rich—I mean, I want YOU to be rich.

You see, those elitist “collegers”, are always looking down on people like me because I refuse to conform to their values.  I refuse to work for “the man.”  Instead, I just take money from people like you by giving meaningless advice.

And if you want some of that advice…

All You Need to do is Sign Up for My ‘Lazy Way to Make Millions Seminar’

I offer a REAL education in the only thing you need to know—how to get rich.  All you have to do is sign up for my  seminar. It’s a mere $5,000 (a value of $200,00).

Too expensive?  You know how much Yale or Harvard charges?  That $5,000 is a drop in the bucket. Besides…I already told you to drop out of college.  Take that money you would have spent on that useless Ivy league education and spend it on something useful.

…like my “Lazy Way to Make Millions” seminar…a mere $5,000.  Originally, I was going to make it $50,000 because that’s what a semester at Harvard would run you.  But unlike Harvard I don’t teach people to get rich not because I need the money like they do.  I do it for the sheer joy of taking the money.

So, hurry up..get out of college now…drop out of high school if you can…just GET TO MY SEMINAR NOW…seating is limited…only 7 seats are left…heck by the time you finish reading this, it might already be filled up.


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