Should You Be Taking Economic Advice from Motivational Speakers?

August 25th, 2010

First my show fails, next up--the economy!

I thought Tony Robbins was a motivational speaker.  But lo and behold I realized that he is now an expert on the economy.  I watched a startling video he made warning of economic disaster up ahead.

He says a whole lot of things about it. And he really got me thinking about something really hard: why am I listening to Tony Robbins talk about the economy?

But listen I did.

Here’s how I break down his warning:

You, see I’ve got this friend.  And I can’t tell you who he is, but trust me–he exists because I say he exists.  And he’s really really smart with money.  And he, not me, thinks the economy is going to collapse.  Oh course, I’m not an expert on the economy.  But this one time at band camp..I mean in March….I tweeted about the economy doing bad.  And I was right that week! And the thing is I hardly ever tweet, just go to my twitter page and you’ll see that I tweet less than 100 times a day!  Anyway, so when I’m, I mean my friend, is wrong don’t blame me.  So, look for a bunch of stuff with the economy and then make up your own mind because I wouldn’t want to be held responsible if I’m wrong.  Well, gotta go.  These economic times are so tough that I’m flying to Fiji.

That’s about it in a nutshell.  Of course, Tony isn’t as hilarious as I am.  But for fairness, you can watch his videos on this page.  I hate to even link to them, but hey I’m fair.

But here’s the bigger point: when did anyone start taking economic advice from motivational speakers?  I mean the only advice they ever give is for you to get out your credit cards and buy their stuff.  YES! YES! YES!

Who knows?  Tony might be right about the economy.  I know there’s a larger and larger amount of people out there predicting economic collapse.  It’s kind of a popular thing to do right now.  And it’s a growing niche of potential customers.

Where does Tony stand?

I have no idea.  But if he comes out with a new product that caters to the economic disaster niche (e.g. How to protect Your Unlimited power in the Bad Economy)…just know you heard it here first.


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