DSP Words Coming to a Dictionary Near You!

July 9th, 2010

New Readers to this blog are sometimes confused by some of the words I use on this blog.  Bu fear not.

I am now  going to give you some of the words I use here on a regular basis, and I also expect these words to be added to the dictionary next year due to my loyal readers using the words in their tweets and blogs.

Warning: These words are as trademarked as a Tony Robbins program (but more original)…so please spread the words and tell the dictionaries that you DEMAND they put them in there..just be sure to note where they came from.

Inspiroof (n): proof by inspirational story, usually seen as a testimonial for a feel-good product in which a person espouses how great something made them feel as opposed to any results.  Inspiroof commonly consists of testimonials right after a seminar or event or rock concert.

Note: Inspiroof really bothers the crap out of me. Mostly because some lame-ass dude will tell you how much better he can make your life and then “proves” it to you by telling you an inspirational story.

The problem?

These stories don’t prove anything.  They are used for evil.

And secondly, they are full of crap.

Tony Robbins tells the Rocky story to show you how you can achieve anything.  But the Rocky story is not true.

In fact, most of those stories are just made up.

cheesed (adj): when content is formatted in such a way to make it appear that there are more pages than there actually are, a la “Who Moved my Cheese?”

Note: You ever read Who Moved My Cheese?  If not, you’re lucky.  If you have, I’m sorry.  If you’re thinking about it, read my review.

Lots of “gurus” sell you “courses” that consist of HUGE fonts and wacky formatting that makes a 20 page book into a 400 page course.

Yeah, bulk makes it look more valuable. And I don’t mind formatting that’s easy for reading.  But give me a break.  If your information is so valuable, sell it at 10 pages.  What did you say?  No one will pay $2,000 for 10 pages?  Guess it’s not so valuable after all.

EXTRA BONUS: Beware of formatting that lets you take “notes”.  A lot of lame $2,000 courses are 10 page books formatted in big fonts, squeezed together on half a page and then leaving you space for notes. Wanna take notes? Buy a notebook.  If what you’re buying IS a notebook, then good—just don’t pay $2,000 for it.

spook (v): to give a speech without giving any information to the audience.

The professional spooker is nothing but a salesman whose job is to get you to buy something.  They do this by not telling you anything in the speech but just telling you how great it’ll be once you are able to get the information they promised you in the speech.

A hilarious example is here.

This page will be updated as more words get into the dictionary.


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