Bony Bobbins Relaunches DSP And Finally Joins Twitter!

April 11th, 2013


down the rabbit hole

Bobbins journeys down the rabbit hole to rescue DSP

In a shocking development, after nearly 2 years of no activity, Dont Step in the Poop has been reignited by Bony Bobbins.   Due to the overwhelming support and tired of “people sending me email all the time asking why I don’t post” Bobbins has decided to relaunch the site.

It is reported that Bony Bobbins has put an estimated 1.2 million Bony bucks into the site to invest in more content and an updated design.

“We’re sparing no expense,” says Bobbins. “We’ve got $500,000 bony bucks earmarked for web design, so we welcome bids.”

Bobbins has already made dramatic changes to the site by updating WordPress and shutting down comments due to the sheer volume of praise from his fans who also happen to be selling diet pills and natural male enhancement.”

And in another development, Bobbins has also joined Twitter.

Bobbins says, “I thought that Twitter thingy would go away because it’s just so stupid. But if Kanye West is doing it, I guess I should too.”

Bobbins currently has no followers but is hoping his Mom will follow him.  But she’s currently not speaking to him for laughing at her collection of Oprah book club choices.

Bony Bobbins is a well-known demotivational speaker and source of nonspiration.

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