Success Through Daydreaming and Slacking Off: Why The Secret is So Popular

May 10th, 2010

I shudder to see there is now a new book called The Secret to Teen Power.  I shudder even more to think that teens might actually read it.  I haven’t read it, so I can’t review it.  I won’t buy it because I don’t want to waste my money.  Someone can give me a copy and I might look at it.

But why is the fact that there is a “Secret for teens” so bothersome?

Because the whole reason the original Secret was so popular is because it tells you it’s OK to do two things that you were told NOT to do as teenagers?

And they are: daydreaming and slacking off.

The Secret: License to daydream

When I was in school, my teacher used to tell me to “stop daydreaming and get back to work.”  Well, if I had read “The Secret” I would have told her that I am working.  I’m using the Law of Attraction to get an A in this class.

Studying? Who needs it!  I’ll ask the universe to get me an A.  And while I’m at it, I’ll ask the universe to get me into Harvard.  Letters of recommendation?  What?  I’ll just ask the universe to write a few for me.

I can see it now…President Obama is at this moment writing me that letter.  He doesn’t know why..but I do..I’m controlling him with my super-Secret powers.  He’s now going to appoint me interim president while he’s on vacation.  While he’s gone, everyone loves my wise and strong leadership. I am voted king of the US.  The UN votes unanimously to appoint me king of the entire world.  The Secret has made me all-powerful.  No one can stop me now.  Who DARES to oppose my turbo-charged Secret domination of the WORLD?  If you try to stop me, the universe will send you back in time to be eaten by dinosaurs.  How dare you!  The universe will now take away the vital organs of the captain of the football team and the universe will deliver the head cheerleader to my kingly domain.  All HAIL me.  The Secret hath spoken!!!!

OK.  Back to reality.

A lot of people I know are inspired by “The Secret”.  I would be too if I didn’t have a brain.  Books like The Secret inspire you to daydream.  Daydreaming is not necessarily a bad thing, but daydreaming is not the way to actually do something and it is certainly not going to get you anywhere.

But hey, who wants to be told that you have to work hard to accomplish anything…

…and speaking of not wanting to work hard..

The Secret: License to Slack off

I talked to a guy one time who told me flat out that he doesn’t believe in working hard.  He was looking for a job and wondered why he couldn’t get one.  But he went on further to say that he believed in The Secret and “working smart.”

I told him that sitting on his behind isn’t going to get him anywhere.

But what do I know?  I only started my own business.  I guessed his job at McDonald’s and his copy of The Secret were getting him somewhere.

If this teen book is nearly as dangerous as The Secret, then look out.  The message of not needing to work is attractive for selling a piece of crap book, but it’s advice that will lead you to nowhere-land (or to  a $5,000 seminar telling you how to get rich).

Daydreaming and slacking off is what everyone wants to do.  And telling people what they want to hear can turn a nice profit.  Unfortunately, I believe the Secret is so popular not only because it  extols daydreaming and slacking off as virtues but because it actively encourages them.  And that’s just wrong.

Daydreaming is useless and slacking off will get you fired (ask JaMarcus Russell).  Work hard and be honest. That’s my book for teens.  No secrets here.  And that advice is free.  I wonder how many teens would want to read that?


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