How Criticism Can Make You a Damn Fine Human Being

December 29th, 2010
When most people hear the word criticism, they cringe  They get all weepy and defensive. I wonder why because I LOVE criticism.  I don’t mean I love to criticize others.  I mean, I actually like getting criticism.  Why? Because criticism will make you a damn fine human being.

Here’s how:

1. Criticism can restore your sense of right and wrong when it goes off-track

Oh, we all lose our sense of right and wrong sometimes (well…some people do).  But what better way to remind you of when you’re becoming a total bastard than someone criticizing you.

One of my favorite “hate blogs” is the Salty Droid.  You see, Salty is not a fan of scamming internet marketers.  He points out who is scamming and relentlessly goes after them.

I don’t agree with EVERYTHING Salty complains about, but I can’t argue with his results.

A bunch of internet marketers had sudden crises of consciousness and turned over a whole new leaf (some real; some supposed).  They are not only the most ethical people in the world, but they want the whole world to know it.

It’s like they’re falling all over themselves to show how ethical they are.

Of course, the other side just calls Salty a bunch of names and the standard “you’re jealous” and “you’re a hater” defense.

But by exposing the scam artists, Salty’s forced wanna-be scam artists to examine their own sense of morality.  If there is no one to criticize, then the fence sitters just go along with the scammers.

Critics like Salty keep them honest.

Who is your Salty Droid?  (if Salty should choose to sell anything with that phrase on it…coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc…I hope he’ll cut me in).

2. Criticism makes you smarter

People criticize me.  They are always 100% wrong!

Just kidding (maybe).

The truth is you’re not as smart (or dumb) as you think you are.  By someone reminding you of the things you don’t know, it keeps you strving for more.

Not everyone can know EVERYTHING (unless, he’s the DSP editor), but by knowing what you don’t know, you automatically become smarter.

Socrates, or someone like him, said that.

3. Criticism makes you better at what you do

On this blog, I’ve had my “critics” (my hate mail page gives you a taste).  But I’ve also had some excellent people who have given me great advice on things to write about and pointed out when I may have got someone slightly (oh so slightly) wrong.

It makes me a better blogger.

But this blog isn’t all. In my real life, many people have given what I thought was negative criticism but instead turned out to be excellent life advice.

If you are surrounded by people who just say “YES” all the time, you won’t be better at what you do.

So, those are just some of the ways criticism makes you a damn fine human being.

So, get a thicker skin and enjoy life!


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