Brain Training Games Don’t Work

September 16th, 2010

Man, will those damn scientists stop ruining everything!

Why is it when I find something I like and pay a lot of money for, they coming running behind me and tell me I’m wasting my time and money?

Geez…can’t they just leave us alone to believe what we want to believe and spend our money on whatever we want to?

I mean, really!

They’re like that guy who tells you how the movie is going to end.

Science is one big joykill!

So, what has science ruined for me now?

Brain training games.

You know…those games that you play on the internet that are supposed to make you smarter.

Heck..I feel REAL SMART every time I play one of those things.

But then along comes those scientist to ruin it for for me.

Brain training games don’t work, they say.

This really sucks.

Here I was thinking that playing some games online were keeping my brain in shape. Like exercising…but not actually straining myself or getting out of my chair.

I thought I was making myself smarter.  But now these scientists tell me that if I am playing my memory brain game, it will help my memory and nothing else!  In other words, playing brain games will not make me smarter, it will only make me better at playing brain games.

I don’t like that.  It makes too much damn sense.

As lead researcher Adrian Owen says: “You’re not going to get better at playing the trumpet by practising the violin.”

Well, Adrian..I knew that..OK?

I hope you’re happy.

Just for that..I’m NOT going to pay to read the pdf of your study.

I’m going to do do something cool with my MacBook. Next thing you know some  scientist is going to tell me that owning a Mac does not actually make me cooler than other people.

Man, what a joykill!


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