Be(a)ware of Homeopathy

April 20th, 2010

Last week was World Homeopathy Awareness Week.  And I sure am glad it was because there are so many kooky things running around disguised as legitimate that I can’t keep up!

Starting now, Don’t Step in the Poop will look more into “alternative medicine” and “natural cures.”  I’ve already shown you how sociopaths exploit people’s legitamate fears to sell “natural cures.” But I will start looking at some of these things to see if their bold claims stand up to scrutiny.

Mind you, I am open-minded about some things.  Heck, I have lived in Asia and watched how acupunture and “traditional” medicine work side by side with modern medicine.

But I will be clear.  Modern medicine works.  It’s not perfect and doesn’t cure everything, but modern medicine including antibiotics and vaccines have made us live longer and healthier lives.  It’s simply a fact.  And I can’t stand the way souped up vitamins or whatever are used to discourage people from getting real medical treatment.  And though many of these people are well-intentioned, good intentions does not equal being right, especially when someone’s life is on the line.

With this in mind, I now show you a video of James Randi.  I’ll let him explain homeopathy.  And below that, I think it’s worth watching the BBC documentary which scientifically tested homeopathy with Randi putting up a million dollars  if homeopathy proved correct.  Did homeopathy stand up to the haters and rake in the million dollar prize?  What do you think?


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