Angry Letters In Defense of Self-Help Gurus

April 9th, 2010

Sometimes I wonder where all the “fans” are.  But at times, I do get some (most anonymous) e-mails protesting or I get some (anonymous) posting saying how wrong I am.  Nothing wrong with being anonymous, but when I go to other blogs, I use my name.  Because if I believe in something, I think you should stand by it.

But the real problem I have is how uncreative the criticisms are.  So, I decided to take some of the criticisms of Don’t Step in the Poop’s commentary of the self-help business and whatnot and make them a bit more fun.

In the style of the old Steve Allen’s “Letters to the Editor” bit.  Here are some “complaints” (all names are made up).

In response to my review of Who Moved my Cheese

Who Moved my Cheese is a good good book.

That book is neat.  I think things stay same.  But that book says things changes.  I did not know that. But you say the book written for first-graders?  No way.  I is more intelliagenter than you.  YOU are a stupid dummy! And my dad can beat up your dad.


Spencer’s Johnson

In response to How to Go Broke Trying to Get Rich:

I don’t know why they let dream stealers like you on the internet.  You steal the dreams of people who want to work from home in their underwear and shower once a week.  How dare you!  We have a right to believe stuff.  Who cares if it’s a bunch of lies?  It’s not hurting you.  You need to let people believe whatever they want as long as it makes them feel better.  And if they go broke, so what?  It’s better to be be broke and full of dreams instead of having money and losing your dreams to people like you.

With disgust,

A.M. Way

In response to the 5 Worst Business Cliches Ever:

You should not be righting and telling me how to right.  You don’t like bizness words and then you try to teech me vobabuldary words?  Your not my English teacher! Get a life.

GW Bush

In response to my review of Linchpin:

I am really mad about what you said about Seth Godin.  It really makes me angry!  You cannot understand the sheer anger I have about the remarks you made regarding Seth Godin.  By saying he repeats things over and over again, you have caused a certain amount of rage within me because of said remarks.  I am enraged by this and wanted you to know how angry I was about it.


Seth Godin, I mean, Seth Godin fan

In response to Sweat Lodge Guru Asks Universe to Set Him Free:

You are really really bad because you say The Secret is wrong.  YOU are wrong.  You just don’t know how to use it.  I went to the store yesterday and manifested my groceries, a six pack of beer, and 2 packs of cigarettes,  See?  It just works.  And I will keep using it until I find a new job, hopefully not in the prison laundry.

Ray A. James


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