A New Design Plus Hate Mail Goodness

May 26th, 2010

I am pleased to announce that Don’t Step in the Poop is entering a new phase of mayhem.  This is a multi-stage plan to wreak havoc upon the crap in the world.  I’ll be going after even more crap.  I’ve mostly been sticking to self-help, mostly because its crap is over-priced and sometimes dangerous.  But in the next couple of weeks, I’ll branch out.  Just you wait.  I’ll be going after crappy financial advice, moronic health claims, and a whole lot more.

It’s just getting started.

A couple of things:

First, I am pleased to present a new design for this blog created by the totally awesome Eric Schiller over at Position 1 Media.  I can’t recommend him enough.  It’s not easy working with a person of my eclectic tastes, but Eric totally came through with an awesome design.  As you know, I don’t run ads on this blog because most products/services are crap.  But I give Eric my seal of “Poop-free”.  If you need design work done, I recommend contacting him right now.

If you’re reading the e-mail version of this post, go check out my new design.

Second, by popular demand I am introducing  a new page for my hate mail.  People have been asking to see my hate mail and so I took some of the “golden nuggets” and put them on a hate mail page.  I plan to keep it updated, so you can come by anytime to see the hate flowing in.  Plus this page will give you a good idea on the kinds of people who criticize me.  Trust me when I say the hate mail included is representative of all hate mail.  They pretty much ALL sound the same.



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