7 Secrets of Success from Donald Trump

January 28th, 2011

Table of contents for Success Secrets of the Successful

  1. 7 Secrets of Success from Donald Trump
  • Here at DSP, we are committed to helping you be the most successful YOU you can be.  After watching thousands of videos and reading millions of books about being successful, we realized many follow the same formula:
  • Interview “successful” people
  • Extrapolate qualities from said people
  • Tell people to act like that

So, DSP has decided to get into the “success” business by looking a successful people and discovering their success secrets. We might even run a whole series of “success secrets of the successful”. Who knows?

So, today, we present to you the success secrets of one of the most successful people in the world: Donald Trump.

#1 Go Broke

OK.  Trump didn’t personally go broke  We want to make this clear because we don’t want to incur the Donald’s #4 secret of success.

But if you do want to be successful, going broke is essential.

In the millions of success books, everyone says they were broke or living out of their cars, so it must be a secret to success, right?

The Donald is no different.

Almost going personally broke and going business-y broke is just one of those things that made him successful.  And if you want to be successful, you’d better start going broke TODAY!

#2 Get divorced

DSP doesn’t advocate divorce…unless you wanna be successful, that is!

We’d even argue that Trump gets more successful with every new wife.

So, to be successful like Trump, it’s time to Dump the Chump!

#3 Deny the obvious

They say Trump is bald.  But we’ll never know because The Donald denies it.  You see, if you don’t confirm it, it’s not true.

Oh some brainiac will probably show some “evidence” but as long a you deny it, you’ll always be in the clear.  So, you’d best start looking at what’s obvious around you, and start denying it!

#4 Sue People

You can’t be successful if you’re not involved in a lawsuit.  The Donald sues people all the time.  And you know he does when his lawyer is the star of his reality TV show.

Speaking of which…

#5 Get on reality TV

There are far too many whiners out there who are not successful because they do not get on reality TV.

Seriously people?  All that effort you spend working at your J-O-B could be used to get on reality TV.

The Donald has proven that reality TV is where it’s at.

Seriously, did any of you even remember who Flava Flav was until he became a reality TV franchise.   YEAHHHHHHHHH……BOOOOYYYYYYYYY!

Definitely a student of The Donald

#6 Sell vitamins

Trump sells vitamins. Lots of people sell vitamins.  It’s not even regulated or anything like that.  So, you can sell vitamins too.

We’ve advocated this before. Trump is just further proof that there is a vitamin-success link.

#7 Play golf

People who play golf are winners.  The DSP editor proves this every week by kicking the crap out of the DSP staff at miniature golf every week. Of course, he threatens to fire anyone who beats him.

The last intern who dared score first got the ultimate tribute to The Donald:

“You’re Fired!”

* Hilarious Trump photo by this guy.


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