6 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction May Not Be Working for You

September 6th, 2010

Law of Attraction not working for you?So, you’ve tried using the Law of Attraction and it’s not working.  Well, don’t fear.  The DSP Law of Attraction experts are here to give you 6 reasons why the Law of Attraction might not be working in your life.

1. You’re doing it wrong

So, you’ve watched “The Secret”.  You’ve read all about the Law of Attraction and how scientific it is.  You done all your visualizing and asking the universe for stuff you want.  But you just can’t seem to “manifest” anything.  Well, in that case, the answer is simple.  You’re doing it wrong.  A little internet search will show you how you didn’t learn about the “real Law of Attraction” or “the Secret Behind the Secret”.   So you see?  It’s not like the Law of Gravity where it works the same for everybody.  No, the Law of Attraction only works if you know how to do it it right.  You still have a lot to learn before you’ll ever do it “right”.

2. You’re not trying hard enough

So, they told you to believe and the Universe will give it to you.  But the Universe isn’t manifesting it to you?  Well, you must not be believing hard enough.  You’ve got to REALLY believe for it to work.  Even if you have .00000000000000000000001% doubt, the Universe isn’t going to give you jack.

With a lazy attitude like that, it’s no wonder the Universe didn’t manifest you that new jacket! I wouldn’t manifest one for you either with such a lack of effort on your part.

3. You’re just too negative

Yep.  By being too negative you brought it all on yourself.  Oh, you might think the Law of Attraction is not working, but it IS working.  It’s getting all those negative thoughts and kicking your ass with them.   It’s like Rhonda Byrne, Author of “The Secret” said when asked about people killed n the Holocaust or 9-11:

“The energy and life of each of us has always been and will always be. In a large-scale tragedy, like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, etc., we see that the law of attraction responds to people being at the wrong place at the wrong time because their dominant thoughts were on the same frequency of such events.”

In case you didn’t figure that out, it means negative thoughts caused people to be in the wrong place and killed them. Think about it.  If being scared of people trying to kill you causes you to get killed, that’s the Law of Attraction in action.  And it’s all because you’re a scared little negative twit. Think about it.

4. You’re not spending enough money on Law of Attraction books, training, or products.

If you really want the LOA to work for you, you need to show commitment.  So go out there and spend more money on it.  On Amazon, there are over 1,000 books with “Law of Attraction” in the title.  And you think all these Law of Attraction coaches are out there helping people for free because they are manifesting winning lottery tickets all the time?  Hell no.  They need to earn a living.  And if you’re too cheap to support the people teaching you about the Law of Attraction, then it’s quite obvious that you don’t deserve anything from the Universe.

5. The Universe doesn’t like you for some reason

We at DSP regret to inform you that it might be possible that the Universe just doesn’t like you for some reason.  We’re sure the Universe has a good reason for it.  I mean, we like you.  We think you’re swell.  But the Universe can be a real jerk sometimes.

We hope you don’t take it personally.  The Universe kills hundreds of thousands of people just for kicks. But don’t forget, in the end it’s all your fault.  As Rhonda Byrne says, if the universe kicks your ass it’s because your

“dominant thoughts and feelings were in alignment with the energy of fear, separation, powerlessness and having no control over outside circumstances, then that is what they attracted”.

6. There is no law of attraction

Well, we hate to have to mention this one, but let’s just put it out there.  The Law of Attraction may not be working for you because THERE IS NO LAW OF ATTRACTION.

What?  No Law of Attraction?

Well, think of it this way.  Every year, Santa Claus doesn’t bring me a gift.  Is it because:

a) I don’t believe enough in Santa


b) there is no Santa?

Hey, we do love Santa here at DSP.  But we’re not going to pin our Christmas hopes on him.  Because there is no Santa.

So are we saying that someone made this Law of Attraction all up?  Yeah. Probably.  People make stuff up all the time.  And just because we’d like to believe it’s true (Hi again, Santa) doesn’t mean that it is.

Besides, if there were a Law of Attraction, that would mean that negative thinking is what causes all the bad things that happen in the world–floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.  And frankly, that’s ridiculous.  We’re all for suspending disbelief sometimes, but seriously are you willing to tell kids in Darfur that negative thinking is causing their starvation just so you can cling to the hope that the Universe will manifest you a new jacket?


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