5 Ways to Spot a Hate Blog

November 11th, 2010
There is a disease out there on the internet that is poisoning your mind.  And that disease is HATE!  Recently, there has been a rash of hate blogs dedicated to tearing down the good people who are out there to help others make money in their underwear or help others feel better about themselves after spending thousands of dollars at seminars.

You see, this disease of hate that is infecting the internet with its evil is only getting more and more destructive.  But you, dear reader, may think you are reading a nice blog.  You may think they are trying to help you even.

But don’t be fooled!

These hate-bloggers are sneaky.

They make it look like they’re helping you to “see the truth” or “educate you.”  Yeah, they make themselves look all harmless and “helpful”.  You’ll be reading it adn think, “hey this self-help guru ripped me off.”

But don’t let them fool you.  That’s not help.  That’s hate!  And I’m now going to expose 5 of the most common tactic these hate blogs use to trick you into reading them.

1. The blog criticizes self-help gurus (probably because they are jealous or because they are so miserable that they can’t stand it that other people are happy)

Look.  There are thousands of gurus out there to sell you great products to make your life better.  But these hate blogs give them a bunch of crap because their stuff doesn’t work and can actually make things worse for people.

What’s so bad about people making money helping others feel good, huh?

These hate blogs don’t care about making people feel better.  They just want to tear down people who are trying to make an honest living ripping people off!

2. The blog points out scammy techniques of self-help gurus

There’s nothing more hateful than exposing the methods that hard-working self-help gurus use to part you from your money.  It’s disgraceful!

It’s like they are divulging trade secrets!

Isn’t there a law against that or something?

I mean if I learn a secret about a new Apple product, don’t you think I’d go to jail if I gave away the secrets to Microsoft?

Same thing!

These hate blogs tell everyone the ways these hard-working gurus use to manipulate people into giving them their money! These gurus spent years developing the craft! And for some hate blog to come along and tell people for free…makes me sick (of course if they charge fmoney or this information, they are not hate bloggers…then, they are helpful bloggers who don’t really need the money but only want to help others achieve their full money-making potential)

3. The blog uses logic or some other elitist stuff to make people feel bad

Here’s the deal: a helpful blog makes you feel good.  It confirms all that you know is true about the world.  When you read it, you find yourself lifted off to a magical land of motivational speeches and feel-good $5,000 seminars.  There, you can feel good about yourself and sign up for a big seminar.

But hate blogs are a different breed.

You can always tell them right off the bat.  Instead of short, punchy blog posts they post these elitist dissertation monster posts that use a bunch of fancy words that no one really can understand.

And then, there’s that logic and reason stuff.

Here’s a rule of thumb:

If they start using words like “syllogism” “consistency” and know the correct meaning of the word paradigm…hate blog.

4. The blog talks badly about Utah and boiler rooms

Yeah..there are these hate blogs that are always gong on and on about boiler room operations in Utah.  Let me tell you something, buddy…it’s cold in Utah.  They need boilers on all the time.  And to criticize a hard-working guru for employing some guys in a boiler room…that’s low.

These haters obviously want people to freeze to death without a boiler!

It’s fine to not agree with a guru’s teachings.  But to wish ill on them for wanting to stay warm in winter by hiring people to work in his boiler room is a sign that a blog is not only full of hate but also that the blogger has some serious mental problems.

5. The blog criticizes this bog

This is the King Daddy of hate!

Any blog that criticizes DSP is, by default, a hate blog.

That’s not because I write for DSP…it’s because people who hate this blog obviously have no sense of humor….and you know what they call people with no sense of humor?



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