5 Sequels to Bestselling Self-help Books

August 24th, 2010

Everyone knows the best way to make a lot of money with self-help is to write a self-help book.  So, I’ve been considering writing a self-help book.  But I can’t come up with any ideas.  So, then it hit me.  Why don’t I write the “sequel” to an existing bestseller.  I can be like that guy who writes, “The Secret for Teens”, except I won’t ask anyone for permission.

I know most of these writers end up writing their own sequels, but I intend to beat them to the punch and RAKE In the cash for myself.  Here are 5 ideas I have:

The 9th Habit: Write a book, and then write the same book over and over again (Sequel to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the 8th Habit)

This book takes you through the process of essentially writing one book over and over again and then teaches you how to get people to think it is different.

Secrets of the Billionaire Mind

So, you bought that book about the secrets of the millionaire mind?  Well, you wasted your money.  Billionaires think so differently from millionaires that if yuo try to be a millionaire, you’ll NEVER be a billionaire. in fact, millionaires are losers because they typically don’t buy cool stuff like yachts, castles, and islands.  But billionaires do!  This book teaches you how to think like a billionaire.  The choice is clear: buy this book and buy a castle or buy other books and live in a hut.

Chicken Soup for the Person Who’s Sick of all The Chicken Soup Books

Inspirational stories of people who did well in their lives despite their deep hatred of all things Chicken Soup.

Think and Grow a Spine

A book for all those cowards who are too much of a wimp to buy Think and Grow Rich because the only reason they’re poor is because they didn’t read the book.  And they didn’t read the book because they’re just too chickenshit to buy the book.  This book will give them that courage.

The Secret for Infants

Surround your baby with positive thoughts AT ALL TIMES so your bundle of joy will stay that way.  Buy the companion audio CD & DVD to play around the clock so as not to interrupt the positiveness for a single second. Failure to do so will turn your kid into a sniveling whiner who grows up to be a big loser because of his negative thoughts.


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