5 Life Lessons From the Original Karate Kid

October 19th, 2010

I saw the new Karate Kid and let me say…it was OK…but it had none of the life lessons that the original Karate Kid had.  The original is still the best.  Sorry, Jaden!

Watch the original and take in these life lessons:

1. When a bunch of karate-knowing guys want to kicks your ass, it’s not a good idea to play practical jokes on them

Whe someone wants to kick your ass, why provoke them?  Daniel-san thought it would be funny to splash water on the Cobra Kai dudes.

What did he expect?

A laugh?

No way.  They went out to kick his ass.

Of course, Mr Miyagi saves him  But that’s not the point.  He should have left them alone.  He should have said, “You make bed; now you lay.”

So, I learned to avoid the guys who are trying to kill you.  It’s kept me alive and you can’t count on a Mr Miyagi to save you.

2. Fake it until you make will get you killed

Remember Daniel’s oh so pathetic attempts at fighting before Mr. Miyagi trained him.

Learn how to do something before you go off trying to do it.

3. Nothing in life is free

People who saw the movie thought Mr. Miyagi is just teaching Daniel karate by making him do all that work around the house (wax on; wax off).  But I know the truth.  He was teaching him how to earn his keep.

What’s Mr. Miyagi supposed to do?  Teach him for free?

You think the Cobra Kais were getting taught for free.  No way.

You want something, then you have to pay for it one way or another.

That’s life. Look at what’s happened to Ralph Macchio’s career.

4. Don’t brag about doing something until you’ve actually done it

“Get ‘em a body bag…yeeaaaaahhhhhh.”

I’ve blogged before that it’s better to keep your goals to yourself.  That wasn’t really my opinion..it was those pesky scientists’.

But the thing is until you’ve completed something, it’s better to keep your mouth shut.

Those Cobra Kai dudes shouldn’t have been bragging about how they were going to beat poor Daniel-san.  Now, they look like idiots and even Kreese doesn’t want to have anything to do with them (see Karate Kid II)

5. Don’t listen to stupid people (even if they claim to be a “master”)

How many “masters” and “gurus” have you met that are idiots?

Most of them, you say?

Look.  There comes a time when even though you’ve spent the last I don’t know how many days/months/years listening to some guy, you start to realize that he or she’s a moron.

What do you do?

Stop listening to them and take off.

William Zabka, all around badass 80’s dude who played Johnny, likes to say that the Karate Kid is really about Johnny.  I kind of agree.  I think Johnny tanked the match and let Daniel win–just to piss off Mr. “Sweep the Leg”.  How do I know?

Remember when Daniel tried the “no can defend” crane kick in Karate Kid II and got it blocked?


I think Johnny thought Kreese was an asshole and tanked the match just to show him that he’s not going to listen to his crap anymore.


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