How 5 Best-selling Finance Books Would be More honest if You Omitted One Word From the Title

May 12th, 2010

The complete title is listed with the omitted word in parenthesis.

1. Rich Dad Poor (Dad)

Make your rich dad poor by following the bad advice in this book.

2. Why We Want (You) to be Rich

This gives tells you why the authors want to be rich and how you can help them accomplish this goal by buying this book.

3. Nothing (Down)

Nothing is what you’ll have left over when you follow the techniques in this book.

4. Mad (Money)

Mad is how you’ll feel after reading this “classic” by Jim “Bear Sterns” Kramer.

5. Real (Estate) Riches

The real riches made  are the royalty payments the author gets from YOU buying this book. Also, additional riches are obtained by the author when you go to a seminar sponsored by the author of this book.


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