4 Fool-Proof Ways to Become a Law of Attraction Expert

January 20th, 2011

The Law of Attraction is like all the other scientific laws, except you don’t need to be a scientist and get all those fancy degrees to become an expert in it.  No, siree.  It’s easy to become an expert in the Law of Attraction.  Anyone can do it. And the best part is you can make A LOT more money as a Law of Attraction expert than those scientists with fancy degrees and titles.

All you need to know is HOW to become an expert.

Since no university has the guts to start a program in this age-old scientific principle, DSP is here to fill the void.

We’ll take you step by step through 4 fool-proof methods that are virtually guaranteed to turn you from Law of Attraction groupie to Law of Attraction ROCK STAR!!!!!

Method #1: The Literary Method

-Go on Amazon and just randomly pick a book with “Law of Attraction” in the title.
-Read book.
-Create a web site paraphrasing the book.
-You’re an expert.

Method #2: The Secret Method

-Watch the Secret.
-Make a web site quoting The Secret and/or name-dropping people in The Secret.
-You’re an expert.

Method #3: The Cosmic Method

This one is also known as the “channel the spirits of space beings (or talk in funny voices)” Method

It’s a little harder than the others, but it can be more profitable since you could make branch out into speaking with the dead, palm reading, or any such other practice.

-Read books on The Law of Attraction.
-Develop a high pitched voice and a low pitched voice.
-Make a web site and upload a video of you talking to people about the Law of Attraction in those funny voices
-You’re an expert.

#4 The Nike Method (Just Do It)

Just say you’re an expert

-Make a web site proclaiming you’re an expert in the Law of Attraction
-If anyone questions you (they won’t), just say they don’t understand the Law of Attraction.  You never lose!


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