3 Reasons People Fall For Get Rich Quick Schemes

June 18th, 2010

I used to wonder how people could fall for these crazy get-rich-quick schemes.  But as I came to find out…it’s not all that hard.  The reasons people fall for these thigns are the same reasons they play the lottery.  The only difference is that the lottery probably gives you a higher chance of making nay money.

DSP explores….

1. Greed

Hey, what can we say? We all want to get a buck—a whole lotta bucks.  But greed is the undoing of a lot of people.  And the emotion these schemes play on is a person’s greed.  Oh, they also play on your “feel-sorry-for-yourself” emotions.

Now you too can learn the wealth secrets that they are hiding from you.

Isn’t it time YOU started getting what YOU deserve?

But when it’s all said and done the big promise is earning a lot of money with very little effort.  And that, my friends, is just plain greed.

2. It costs very little to start

Most people who fall for these schemes aren’t exactly millionaires (the people who actually make money from these things are the guys running the schemes—or they’re paying big fines or serving jail time for their troubles).  But hey, you’ve got NOTHING TO lose.  What’s a mere $120 when you can earn THOUSANDS A WEEK?

Many people figure it wouldn’t hurt to try.  But it does hurt to try.  If you really want to give someone $120, go ahead and donate to this blog.  Because that’s exactly what “investing” in a get-rich-quick scheme is: giving away your money.

3. Great marketing

What can I say? I’ve been a copywriter and a great copywriter can make anything sound worthwhile (remember those $30 magnet pens?).  When you see all those (fake) testimonials, read reference letters (letters from friends or partners of the schemer), and hear how easy it is, it can be quite convincing.

I might be tempted to say that people who fall for these things are stupid, but they’re not.  They’ve been specifically targeted.  And they are told what they want to hear.  You want a dose of reality, you’d have to come to this blog or other friends of the blog.  The schemer is not going to tell anyone he’s scheming.

Everyone at one time is affected by marketing.  People without kids think nothing of those baby commercials, but once you have kids you’ll buy all sorts of crappy products that are supposed to keep you baby “safe”.

People with kids know what I’m talking about.

So the schemers target people who are most likely to fall for their message.  That’s why the get-rich–in-real-estate infomercials are at 2AM.

People with good jobs aren’t usually up at that time. They are looking for people down on their luck, out of a job, or slacking.

Yep..they know who you are…and they know what you want to hear.

And that’s all the more reason people fall for it.


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