3 Reasons Why Doing What You Love Won’t Make You Any Less of a Douchebag

November 9th, 2010
I read a great post a while back by Duff over at Beyond Growth that deals with the pressure we feel to “do what we love and make money doing it”.  There is a general feeling that doing what you love is a good thing and making money from it is even better.  But what’s being implied many times is that doing what you love somehow makes you a better person.
We at DSP know the feeling because your friendly get-rich-quick dude has tons of inspiroof to show you how people are doing what they love and making money.  (Why is it that in the stories the thing people really LOVE doing is selling get-rich-quick “opportunities to strangers?)

But we at DSP are going to lay down  simple truth that won’t make us too popular with a lot of people, but what the hell…it’s Monday…it’ll get your blood pumping!!!   Here it is:

YOU are NOT what you do.

One more time in a more “academic” way:

Your self-worth should not be equated with the tasks you perform that earn you an income.

So, you think I’m BS’ing you?  You shouldn’t.  Because here’s the thing.  Doing what you love, while great, doesn’t mean you suddenly become a better person.  You might be a douchebag for all we know.  You may be an awesome person who does a crappy job…or maybe you are TOTALLY AWESOME because you do a crappy job.

So, doing what you love doesn’t really have anything to do with who you are as a person–douchebag or non-douchebag alike.

And I’ve got 3 reasons why this is true.

1. What we do to make money is not always what we love to do because we don’t want to make money doing what we love to do

My buddy Dave likes going out with a lot of girls.  Now, unless he wants to become that dude from that TV show that teaches people to pick-up girls, he’s not making money. I’m sure he’d LOVE to make a living dating girls…but getting paid to go out (or do “more”) with a stranger isn’t the best job in the world for feeling good about yourself…come on, you know what kind of job I’m talking about…
2. Your job might suck but that doesn’t mean that YOU suck
The guy who fixed my toilet is the coolest guy in the world.  You wanna clean my toilet? You think that job sucks? Let me put it to you this way: some people do jobs that suck, but that says nothing about who they are.
3. You may be great at what you do and love what you do, which turns you into a real douchebag

LeBron James is arguable the best basketball player on the planet.  But he’s been known to have a douchebag moment (we at DSP offically castigated LeBron..but we forgive him now because he is rarely a douchebag),  And to all you Kobe fans, he’s an even bigger douche.  I don’t give a crap if everyone just forgot about his little problem in Colorado.

Haven’t you ever worked with a real douchebag who never gets fired because he’s WAY better at his job than you are.  Yeah…he certainly thinks that being great at what he doe entitle him to be a douchebag…but we at DSP think differently. He;s still a douchebag.

Hilarious photo of some guy dressed as K-Fed by ilovebutter (we seriously can’t make this stuff up)!


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