3 Dumb Yet Highly Successful Get Rich Quick Schemes

July 3rd, 2010

Readers of this blog know just how much I “love” get-rich-quick schemes.  I’ve even go so far to show why people fall for them.

But what I don’t get is just how dumb some of them are.  But even worse, they are so darn successful.  It’s like are falling all over themselves to get ripped off.

So, I thought I’d go ahead and list 3 incredibly stupid get-rich-0quick schemes that are highly successful.

The Nigerian Scheme

Is this a get-rich-quick scheme?  You betcha.  You’ve probably gotten the emails:

Hey, some guy died with your name..we’re just waiting to wire you the 100 million dollars, just send us all your personal information plus $3,000 and we’ll get it right to you.

And then guess what? That $3,000 is gone baby gone.

The promise of a get rich quick scheme is the promise of easy money.  And this one promises big.  The only problem is that the3 easy money is the money they get from YOU.

A variation of this was a scheme in which the person promises to buy something for you, the sends you a cashier’s check for an amount bigger than the agreed offer.  They ask you to send them the difference.  You do.  Their cashier’s check turns out to be a fake and you’re out some green.

The variation is a little less obvious, but effective nonetheless.

Quixar (Amway online)

I remember some guy told me he had a business selling goods online and he was looking for help marketing it.  Well, his “help” consisted of asking me to join his “business.”  The business was called Quixar!

He told me I could make $250,000 a year working only 10-15 hours a week.

I told him it sounded like something to pitch at an Amway convention and walked out.

Well, imagine my surprise when I learned that Quixar IS Amway.

And this thing is a scam.  Yeah, yeah, yeah..everyone claims to know someone who makes a ton of  money with Amway.  But every time I hear someone say that, I ask them “how much?”  They give some inflated amount that’s never true. And then later I always find out that the person isn’t doing so well after paying for all that motivational pump up stuff they sell at Amway conventions (the REAL source of money).

The truth is the average Amway dude makes a whopping $115 a month!  And they lose most of their friends after bugging the shit out of them for months on end to join their “business”.  Geez.  Go to McDonald’s.  You’ll make more and make more friends.

One last point: every MLM bozo tells me that there’s nothing wrong with whatever MLM they work for because it’s legal.  Let me just say this: just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. Lots of scams are legal. They’re still scams. Get over it!

Any of those No Money Down Get Rich in Real Estate “Courses

Want to make millions?

You can do it investing in real estate!

What was that?

You have no money?  No credit?  Not a pot to piss in?

No problem!

With my foolproof system, you’ll be buying houses and making a boatload of cash.

Just invest in my $3,000 course and go to my $10,000 seminar.

And you’ll be a real-estate millionaire!

Then, you go out and discover that no one really wants to sell you their house for nothing. And you are even broker than you were before.

Can you make money in real estate? Sure. Can you do it with nothing?  Not really.

John T. Reed (real estate guru whose Succeeding book I recommended; but whose  comparing people to Hitler I don’t recommend) has said that most of the “methods” you learn involve lying to little old ladies and lying to banks.  One is unethical (unless you’re a sociopath); the other is illegal.

The truth is that real estate is not easy; it’s complicated.

Can you buy real estate with no money down? Yes, you can.

Is it easy? Nope.

Is it always profitable? Nope.

Anyone who tells you differently is RIPPING YOU OFF!


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