The 20 Worst Self-Help Books of All Time

January 29th, 2010

This is a humor piece.  IF you’re looking for my list of the REAL worst self-help books of all time go here.  If you like humor, then here you have come to the right page.

Here’s my list of the 20 worst self-help books of all time.

20. Building Wealth through Pyramid Schemes
$25.99 but free when signing up two or more people

19. Fatso: Weight Loss Secrets of Michael Moore (forward by Rush Limbaugh)
Read how Michael Moore managed to get kicked out of every major weight loss center in America

18. The One-Minute Lover
It was over before it even began

17. Print and Grow Rich!
The counterfeiters guide to money-making

16. How to Right Intelliagently 4 the weB
Bestest grammar and spellin rulz for web riting

15. How to Avoid Prison by Kenneth Lay
There are ways to get out of jail, then there’s the Lay Way.

14. The Power of Positive Income
Because nothing makes you feel better than making money

13. I’m OK…but you’re an Idiot by Bill O’Reilly
Bill takes you through the step-by-step process of showing you how stupid you are…are you are stupid

12. Awaken the Loser Within
How to Take Complete Control Over Your TV Remote and Stay up Late Watching Infomercials (with a special offer at the end of the book if you bought this book at the behest of said infomercial)

11. The Secrets to a Happy Marriage by Tiger Woods
It takes more than one “secret” for a marriage to stay out of the rough

10. Who Moved My Keys?
You’re not disorganized…it’s those damned Gremlins.

9. Death: The Natural Cure for Illness They Don’t Want You to Know About
Finally, a 100% effective way to stop disease in its tracks that Big Pharma is dying to prevent.

8. The Law of Detraction
Why no one likes you.

7. How to Buy This Book
A complete how to guide to getting the money together, getting in the car, arriving at the bookstore, choosing the book, and paying for it.  Includes a bonus chapter on buying this book online and how to buy this book as a gift.

6. Sink: 7 Habits Guaranteed to Ruin Your Career and Get you Fired TODAY!
Go from thinking outside to box to living inside one

5. The Power of Tomorrow by Ahard Tool
Why do today what you can do tomorrow

4. Depression in the Recession by Tom Cruise
There’s no need for speed or any other kind of anti-depressant!

3. We Want to Be Rich!
Buy this book so we can be rich

2. The Dog Whisperer by Michael Vick
A revolution in pet care for the modern family

1. The Crystal Meth-Driven Life
Get more done in 24 hours than you have in the last 24 years!


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