Bony Bobbins Relaunches DSP And Finally Joins Twitter!

April 11th, 2013


down the rabbit hole

Bobbins journeys down the rabbit hole to rescue DSP

In a shocking development, after nearly 2 years of no activity, Dont Step in the Poop has been reignited by Bony Bobbins.   Due to the overwhelming support and tired of “people sending me email all the time asking why I don’t post” Bobbins has decided to relaunch the site.

It is reported that Bony Bobbins has put an estimated 1.2 million Bony bucks into the site to invest in more content and an updated design.

“We’re sparing no expense,” says Bobbins. “We’ve got $500,000 bony bucks earmarked for web design, so we welcome bids.”

Bobbins has already made dramatic changes to the site by updating WordPress and shutting down comments due to the sheer volume of praise from his fans who also happen to be selling diet pills and natural male enhancement.”

And in another development, Bobbins has also joined Twitter.

Bobbins says, “I thought that Twitter thingy would go away because it’s just so stupid. But if Kanye West is doing it, I guess I should too.”

Bobbins currently has no followers but is hoping his Mom will follow him.  But she’s currently not speaking to him for laughing at her collection of Oprah book club choices.

Bony Bobbins is a well-known demotivational speaker and source of nonspiration.

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Glenn Beck Leaves Fox News to Become Self-Help Guru

April 9th, 2011

In an exclusive, longtime friend of the blog, Glenn Beck has revealved to Don’t Step in the Poop that he will leave his Fox show in order to become a self-help guru.

He will be promote his new self-help course called, “How to Keep Your Ginormous Stash of Cash by Stopping ‘Them’ from Taking You Down.”

In his new book and $50,000 weekend retreats, Beck will empower the masses of people who can afford his retreats by teaching them how to overcome the external forces that are conspiring to take them down.

“It’s all about, what I call, the Law of Trutherism,” Beck says.  “The people I want to help are part of a persecuted minority–the rich!  And these people are the only ones with the financial resources to tell the truth.  When you go out there and tell the Truth, you will attract people who will stop at nothing to TAKE YOU DOWN.”

Some business executives who were given a sneak preview of Beck’s $100,000 Platinum retreat came away impressed.

“You know, I always thought that the good or bad things that happened to me were due to my mindset, but Beck showed me that while the good things that happen to me are the result of my positive mindset,  the bad things that happen to me are the result of a Global Cabal dedicated to bringing me down because I’m rich!”

Though new to the self-help game, Beck is already changing the industry.

“The problem with most self-help is this odd fascination with LOVE and consciousness and mystic forces.  What good is LOVE when the Global Cabal determined to destroy the rich has you living in a gutter?  What I bring to the table is the realization that it is not internal cosmic forces that determine your success; rather it is in the triumph of your internal pocketbook over external malevolent forces determined to TAKE YOU DOWN! No one has the guts to admit that evil forces are out there that are actively trying to destroy rich people.  Looks like I stand alone–again!”

When asked to respond to the future critics, Beck replied (with a trademark he is currently liscensing from DSP) by extending his middle finger in the air and saying, “Law of Attract This!”



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April 7th, 2011

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5 Self-Help Tips from Charlie Sheen

March 31st, 2011

Charlie Sheen was everywhere.  Now, he’s nowhere.  Or so it would seem.   The truth is that DSP has had Charlie here at the DSP-HQ to teach the staff his “secrets”.  We’ve been so overwhelmed by his Sheen-ness that we haven’t even been able to post to this blog.  But DSP had a wake-up call […]

Inspirational Anthony Robbins Quotes That Make Us Say “Huh?”

February 26th, 2011

Lately, my legions of fans keep asking me why I’m not posting.  So, I thought I’d address that quickly  I’m working on my new book Law of Attract This! (Insert awesome subtitle here that’ll promptly make you want to buy this book right now–it’s magnetic). Who knows when I’ll ever finish, but even an unfinished […]

7 Secrets of Success from Donald Trump

January 28th, 2011

Here at DSP, we are committed to helping you be the most successful YOU you can be.  After watching thousands of videos and reading millions of books about being successful, we realized many follow the same formula: Interview “successful” people Extrapolate qualities from said people Tell people to act like that So, DSP has decided […]


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